Monday, September 17, 2007

ctrl+c ctrl+p

oh kanye. you suck. the talent is undeniable, but what a clown. i could write a list of reasons, but lets just keep it to one today. you copy shit...

obvious inspiration

kanye's new video. this song is horrible by the way


twista - well it's time (produced by kanye west)

feist - gatekeeper (mcdj remix) sorry, don't have the original

feist!!!! as a sample???? isn't that song about a year old. and it's quite lovely too...not exactly hip-hop in my eyes.

notice i said nothing about the daft punk jack, because, what really needs to be said about it?


Anonymous said...

Damn, Justice is so hot right now that even Ye is bitin their style.

Prince of Ballard said...

lets be honest...what's hotter than justice? 43 remix versions of d.a.n.c.e. forget about it.

Anonymous said...

43? Shit, I'm out the loop.I've got to go out and get me #42 and 43.