Tuesday, September 18, 2007

sample sourced

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the wu-tang clan did a number with this little ditty!

allen toussaint - worldwide

and by request...

allen toussaint - soulsister

how has this man been so overlooked? he was the james brown of the south. well...no one is like james brown. allen was quite a bit more reserved. but as far as being responsible for a "sound", he is right there. the meters are one of the most sampled/ influential groups in hip-hop, and they had there start as a studio band used by toussaint.

the meters - here comes the metermen

although he did a fair share of solo work, i think his strong point was as a writer and producer. here is an example of fine production, backed by the meters. neville...yes, that neville. believe it or not, your moms favorite adult contemporary singer aaron neville was once a funky ass young man, and so were his brothers.

cyril neville - gossip

and completely unrelated, but sho nuff funky...

dixie wonders - my soul has got to move

there is sooo much music involved with this man, so expect me to revisit this topic in a part 2


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