Monday, October 22, 2007


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you were one of most beautiful things these eyes have ever seen and you will truely be missed. rest in peace my darling....

flying lotus - massage situation

hypnotic brass ensemble - balicky bon


alex said...


I've noticed your site is covering quite some topics I've been working on at on-point tv, I figured you might be interested in a video interview I recently did with Flying Lotus,

Also I have videos with Soil&Pimp Sessions and Ben Westbeech and a ton of other things going on.

Still have to check your radio show out properly, but it's definitely on top of my to-do list as of now! Feel free to check out my podcast to, you might like the Dilla originals mixes by Ame.

Anyhow, keep up the good work and feel free to grab any of the on-point tv videos, they're all up for grabs over here: and on

Also, let me know what you thought about the videos if you've checked them out, stay in touch!



Kimzven said...

Trombone Shorty Credit: Infrogmation/Wikimedia any modifications Interview - Frank talks to Les Tomkins in 1973 There are two main types of trombone - the straight tenor and the F-rotor. The main differences between the two come from the fact that the former has no inner tubing, while the latter has extra tubing within the main loop. Just intonation in one key