Thursday, November 1, 2007

jam out with your clam out!

this was going to be a sweet classic rock post, but i got a little a.d.d. while putting this thing together. bare with me. to start this musical mind wandering is the 253 area code favorite by ram jam, black betty (fuck yeah!). which made me dig up the original version, which had me thinking about how important the alan lomax recording were to music. quick history lesson...alan lomax was this white dude who traveled the south back in the day, recording pretty much anyone that wanted to sing for him. field workers, house wives, i think even some inmates. aaaaaaanyways, i think its pretty incredible how much these simple old songs have influenced music. it gave ram jam a huge hit, which probably had an effect on other rock music of that time. moving forward a couple decades, these songs also helped the fruity little twerp moby sell millions of records with his album "play" which was entirely based on lomax material. please enjoy

ram jam - black betty

james "iron head" baker - black betty

boy blue/roland hayes, willie jones, darnell walker - john lee's rock

vera hall ward - trouble so hard

cb and axe gang - rosie

and some other remixes....

tangle eye - home

tangle eye - chantey