Friday, November 9, 2007

shit fit

THE SHOWBOX MIGHT BE TORN DOWN TO MAKE WAY FOR MORE CONDOS!!!!!!!!!!! wtf? although i have heard this rumor before from a very trusted source. i just couldnt believe it. maybe it was that i didnt want to believe it. but now today, in the stranger i read this crock of horse shit.....

"The Baltic Room and the Cha Cha aren't the only institutions transforming in the face of development. An e-mail from an anonymous employee of the Showbox arrived in The Stranger's inbox Monday, November 5, warning that the historic venue might be priced out of its almost 70-year-old location and forced to close. "The Showbox is apparently not going to be around for very much longer," according to the anonymous employee. "There has been a long-running rumor, ever since the '80s really, that the Showbox is about to be torn down... It's all been rumors and bullshit up until a few months ago. The owner estimates a two-year lifespan for us, but isn't hopeful...."

The Showbox was established in 1939 and, according to the e-mail, its stage, pillars, and spring-loaded floor date from the original construction. But it lacks the protections of historic-landmark status. "A few other venues have obtained landmark status, thus sparing them from the ever rising cost of land in the urban area," the employee writes. "But over the last few years we have been continually denied."

The Showbox has recently reopened a club called Showbox Sodo in the site of the defunct Premier, but early reports from the venue indicate that, despite renovations, the new space still doesn't hold a candle to the original venue's acoustics or aesthetics, to say nothing of location—one is a beautiful, historic theater downtown; the other is a concrete bunker in Sodo.

According to the e-mail, the property value for the Showbox downtown has skyrocketed in recent years, up to $20 million for the club and $11 million for the adjacent parking lot, due to the "spectacular location and view" that would be obtained by the "fucking condos" that will "inevitably be replacing one of our city's best music venues." No one at the Showbox could be reached for comment—or to corroborate the facts—by press time."

why do you suck so much seattle? why is it that a poor (compared to us) little liberal city to the south of us (portland) can have soooo much more style? and why is it that the canadian version of seattle (vancouver) can be world class? we are right inbetween the two yet comppletely sucky in comparison. why have i been impressed by only 3 new buildings in the past 5 years? why are wonderful old homes being torn down for cedar shingled town homes that all look identical? they are fucking ugly! this is a bunch of doo doo. i dont even want to talk about are ugly seattle....ugly!


i heart portland said...

The condos are fugly and portland IS so hot right now. But probably not for long..."While Seattle is the once-popular girl who has “made the rounds,” so to speak, Portland is the foreign-exchange student with the hot accent who nobody knows a thing about. Give it a semester. No one will like either of us anymore, and we’ll be back where we started, drinking in the corner, alone but together."

Prince of Ballard said...

wow, i heart "i heart portland". and i know you are probably a dude, but whatever, i still love you.

i heart portland said...

off to my beloved p-town today! and I am so not a dude.