Friday, November 16, 2007

thas my guurl

i am pretty excited to get hyphy crunk at the m.i.a. show tonight. not to mention the best rap group of the decade opening for her...aaaand the sing sing after party where she is rumored to be performing again! that place will go apeshit. and although i love paper planes, i think "boyz" gets a little over looked. the song is crazy! it makes me want to throw my hands in the air and do the dancehall stomp. what an ass i must look like.

m.i.a. - boyz (rene goulet's backside bump)

m.i.a. - boyz (rock steady drew remix)

m.i.a. - boyz (the twelves remix)

m.i.a. - boyz (original version)

and just for shits-n-giggles, here are a couple more...

m.i.a. - big branch

this is the early version of paper planes with the original wreckx-n-effect chorus. see this post for a little bit more on that one. but speaking of rump shaker, i remember reading somewhere that pharrell's first big break was writing credits for that song. funny shit!

m.i.a. paper planes (original chorus)

and then there's these fuckin' guys. the cool kids. what an appropriate name. i like pretty muc heverything about them, and have been trying to see them live for a minute now. so how great is it that they will open. fuck yeah!

the cool kids feat. little weezy - gettin it

the cool kids - 88


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