Thursday, January 24, 2008

guilty pleasures

its guilty pleasure time people. lets start out with websites.

the cobra pictures...mostly LA.
lastnights party...the trashy sluttier version...mostly NY is where i found the picture above, which is funny, because its the same girl, in the same silly glasses that i photographed last summer in LA. homegirl needs some new glasses...and a little sun.

update: this girl is a professional "pic-op" whore. just saw her on the parrots site too. wtf? at least she has ditched the glasses.

ok, on to music, this goes from bad, to horrible.

t-pain (seriously) - bartender (dj b.cause remix) just try it, its actually pretty good

question feat. sean kingston - ridin slow (produced by jr rotem)

gucci mane - pills (proper villians remix)