Friday, February 15, 2008

those darn indie kids

KEXP.....great radio station. lucky to have it here in seattle. but is it a part of the reason my city is starting to suck? it makes it really easy for all of these microsoft transplants to latch on to the default seattle character, rather that being original, creative, and different. everyone is the same these days! and heres the other thing....KEXP sponsored shows....blow. why do they have to have such good taste in music and decide to sponsor concerts that were once safe and unknown to the cheeseball masses. why, when i go to a MIA show, is the crowd full of 38 year old squares. do they like crunk and grime? is that the audience she wants to perform to? hundreds of people staring at her like they are watching a movie. my city is becoming blank.

ok, i feel much better. thanks for listening. its friday bitches! its going to be sunny on the mountain tomorrow! my boss isnt at work today! and some of this indie crap isnt so bad! peep

spoon - dont you evah (mike 2600 remix)

cold war kids - hang me out to dry (hostage remix)

klaxons - as above so below (justice remix) justice is so hot right now

modest mouse and lil wayne - fire it up, firemouse (abx remix)


Disko said...

Check this free dl out:

Amplive's Rainydayz Remixes, an 8-track collection featuring remixes of Radiohead's historic seventh album, In Rainbows. The songs are available in a zip file below and feature verses courtesy of Too $hort, MC Zumbi of Zion I, Chali2na of Jurassic 5, and Del the Funky Homosapien

Anonymous said...

If everyone was as original, creative and different as you...well then you would be pretty fucking boring.

Prince of Ballard said...

brilliant! i love it. how can you not take credit for that and post as anonymous?!

Anonymous said...

Are you a non-native English speaker? I would recommend a re-entrance into academia before you write another sentence, that was awful: laden with error, poor reasoning, and, well, categorically lacking.

I suggest employing a moratorium on posting impotent, subjective assertions that are ill-conceived from the start.

Better luck next time.

Skip said...

Dear Anonymous, you must be new here.

No one and I mean NO ONE comes to this site for POB's writing. This is a music site and a good time killer.

You pointing out his poor writing style is like pointing out Lebron's ignorance to the short stories of Kafka.

Or in other words "NOBODY GIVES A SHIT"




ahhhhhh. there there anonymous. did this hit a little too close to home?

do you read armed snobbery for the writing????

do you feel better about yourself when you say things like......

"I would recommend a re-entrance into academia"

when really you could have just said....

"you should go back to school"

go outside. have some fun. soak up some sunshine! and if my good life bothers you, find somthing better than my poor grammer to clown on.

you are miserable.

Captain Panettone said...

This is awesome.

Anonymous, consider yourself 'Princed'.

Anonymous said...


If getting "princed" means a bitch slap for a bitch; then, well, you're a bitch.

Remember, in school, when no one liked the "smart kid" that raised his hand all of the time? You know, the one that took satisfaction in knowing an answer while everyone else was being satisfied by the opposite sex? Yep, that's you, pal.

Youth Against Establishment!