Thursday, February 21, 2008

beat battle of the century!!

now, i know that both dave and pat have had incredible recording germany, but unfortunately, its not their music we are featuring. sad, i know. instead, we are have two men who both re-work an andrew bird track quite well. mr. four tet, and mr. joe beats. enjoy.

andrew bird - i (joe beats remix)

andrew bird - imitosis (four tet remix)

bonus material......

neutral milk hotel (joe beats remix)

mf doom - money folder (four tet remix)

p.s. "dont hassle the hoff"


Bam City said...

is it kosher to ask where the hell you got these Andrew Bird remixes? very interesting post - i dig the theme.

Prince of Ballard said...

i really should link my sources, but i am way too lazy. sorry. i dont remember where i got either, but i know joe beats has a bunch of stuff on a blog post on his myspace page. and i tried to jog my memory on the four tet at hypemachine, but nothing looks familiar. check it out anyways. looks like there is some new stuff i dont have yet.

happy hunting