Tuesday, February 5, 2008

michael jackson MEGA POST!!!!!!

i wish there was some way to show echo in text. MEGAAAAA POST!!! POST post post post. does that work? no? fuck it.
so, i just realized that this is my 100th post. holy mole i have been a blogging fool! its crazy how much i have posted already, and even crazier how much i still have left. im not even close to being ready to dig into my hard drive at home. there is just too much good music! but for now, lets enjoy some mj.

michael jackson - what you dont know (eli edit)

michael jackson - p.y.t (original 12" remix)

michael jackson - i cant help it (tangoterje edit)

jackson 5 - were almost there (dj spinna remix)

michael jackson - rock with you (square remix)

jackson 5 - aint no sunshine (ssy remix)

michael jackson & swv - right here (human nature duet) re-post

jackson 5 - i wanna be where you are probably my favorite mj song

jackson 5 - walk on by (live)

michael jackson - billie jean (home demo)


Anonymous said...

PYT is THE best MJ song ever.

Fifteen said...

ah! dope! where can i get some of these?