Wednesday, February 13, 2008


its a wonderful day here in ballard! crusin with the widows down makes me smile.

it also gives me the patience to wait in line at paseo. mmmmmmmmm

AND, it makes reggae sound so nice.

narobi sisters - promise land dub

unknown - i dont know what it is but it sure is funky

t.i. - hard times remix

i wayne - living in love


Loosy said...

Your beard = hot
Your taste/knowledge of music = hot
The blueprints behind your food = Even hotter

Overall I'd rate you muy caliente!

Prince of Ballard said...

what do you want brooke?

Brooke said...

A smile and friendship.

Prince of Ballard said...

deal. i can handle that. but does a creepy "shit eatin grin" count as a smile?

Rosamunde said...

Interesting to know.