Wednesday, March 26, 2008


the other day, i got a pretty sweet e-mail from a young man named frank in the netherlands. not only is he catching the dancefloors on fire over there, he also works magic with graphics and decided to whip up these album covers for a couple of the remixes i made.

jay-z and the dap kings - 99 problems (re-post)

dyke and the blazers - its your thing feat. eazy-e (re-post)

he also made one for this cheekyboys remix i had posted earlier.

dion and notorious b.i.g. - kickaround sue (re-post)

nice work frank! much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Gosh you are big time. Now I don't feel so bad hanging out with you.

Prince of Ballard said...

lets be honest...we dont really hang out that much anyways. you have always been too cool for poor little old me. (tear)

Theresa Maduzia said...

I always knew you'd be big time. Sometimes I thought it might just be in your own imagination...but it looks like this is proving me wrong.

Prince of Ballard said...

is this what you concider big time theresa? do you think your sister will give me a chance now???