Sunday, March 30, 2008

face shots

not only did we finally get some snow, but i was suprised to find we had about 2 feet of light FLUFFY WONDERFULNESS! best quality snow of the season so far. lovin it! the mountain was echoing with wooo hooos! and oooowwwweeeees! it was great. i got a handful of chestbumps and high fives in. i was so happy, i even hugged a stranger (sup mark). i could use a few more powder days, but i am getting kinda of excited for spring days like the picture above. t-shirts, backpacks full of beers, half days (=sleeping in), and trips to bend and rainier. cant wait!

blockhead - insomniac olympics

quantic feat. trinidad - en focus (french rap is funny)

and on a side note.....i am glad to see that my future wife has got her blog back up and running. i am also glad to see that as an LA resident she decided to call herself "princess of the ragamuffins" and not "princess of ballard." dont get me wrong, i would love to have people associate you with me, and me with you....but to carry such a honored title, you need to be with your people. you know....shaking hand and kissing babies and all that shit.


bryan said...

Whats up,I really like the blog,I've only been reading it for a few months but its good to see someone from the NW voice their opinion.I read that you like to go to Bend in the spring.I'm a local dj/snowboarder from Bend and we got some pretty cool shit happenin around here.You should hit me up if you come to town.I'm also involved with a local Hip Hop group called Person People,so if you're interested in checking out some more NW Hip Hop let me know and I'll send you some mp3s.