Tuesday, March 25, 2008

random finds

i have really been "geekin out" lately, feeling all artsy. this photo is a great example. its a bathroom wall, but for some reason, i think its absolute beauty. wtf?

lots of good stuff to post here today. if you have been watching superbad as much as i have lately, you are going to love this first one. i better thanks grace for it so i dont get a guilt trip in the comment section.

the bar-kays - too hot to stop

this is another great song that was "covered" in that movie

the guess who - the eyes

this one is a great trip back in time for me

group home - up against the wall (getaway car mix)

turn this next one way up!

lord finesse - real talk (lc remix)

got this next one from one of my favorite sites art decade.

elkin & nelson - jibaro

this next funky one is from soul sides, but i think i like the version i posted here better.

ripple - i dont know what it is but it sure is funky

and last but not least, here is a song sampled on an old mary j. blige track. uno!

mary jane girls - all night long