Wednesday, March 26, 2008


everyone (including this guy) has been talking about the new santogold song and video for "l.e.s. artistes" lately, but i just wasnt feeling it. maybe i was expecting somthing more like this from her. but by-golly, after watching her perform this at sxsw (aka hipster spring break, aka hipster jersey shores), i have a new appreciation for it. peep

Santogold Live at Levi's®/The FADER Fort from The FADER on Vimeo.

heres the original video

and heres the track, plus a remix that isnt that great. i expected more from xxx

santogold - l.e.s. artistes

santogold - l.e.s. artistes (xxxchange remix)

update: i thought i would add this remix of "creator" by scottie b. i am almost sick of the "b-more" lyn collins drum sample, but no quite yet.

santogold - creator (scottie b remix)


Frenky said...

I actually like the switch remix from Shuv it the most

Prince of Ballard said...

yeah, thats pretty good. i usually dont like switch's stuff (too clubby house) but this one is tastefull.

let me post my favorite remix of her track creator.

Jim Branigan said...

It's only 11:28 AM, but my day is complete: I've made it on to Armed Snobbery.

If it were Summer, I'd be calling it a day and heading down to Emerald Downs right now.

Jim Branigan said...

On a more constructive note, the director of the L.E.S. Artiste's video is doing some great work lately.

Check him out at: