Tuesday, April 22, 2008

by request

this request is a bit strange to me for a couple reasons. first, i didnt really imagine brooke to be an aceyalone fan? and second, you had a craving for it at 8:17AM?!......whatever. here you go. see you in the hot tub around 9 tonight. oops, i forgot my bathing suit!

aceyalone - k.o. player

i like this one alot more

skillz - take it back

this might be the greatest song of all time (lyriclly). "im just a piece of shit, a slime ball, a jerk off." BRILLIANT!!

dice raw - i do what i like

a slept on rjd2 track

rjd2 - act 2

all of these are from the "ok player true notes vol.1" another must-have sumertime album. 9 oclock brooke. dont be late.


Brooke said...

Note-to-self: seize all text messages to KJ, specifically dirty ones.

PS - Thanks for posting, the song, not my text.

PPS - The sun came out at 8:17 am and it made me think of Chelan 2006 = Okay Player.

Prince of Ballard said...

dirty text messages? what are you talking about?

me said...

people who dont wear bathing suits in hot tubs are creepy...