Tuesday, April 15, 2008

sample sourced

i havent done sample sourced in way too long so i thought i better make it a good one.

rufus & chaka khan - you got the love

george mcrae - i get lifted

edwin birdsong - cola bottle baby


Theresa Maduzia said...

The Sands, huh?

Prince of Ballard said...

i am the "official photographer" for the bedroom stomppers, and i thought that would be a location that really represented them. plus, the boobies there are GREAT!

tanja m said...

Damn! Rob is soooooo hot!!! More pictures of him please ;)

Prince of Ballard said...

thats fucked up tanja...you need to be more considerate of my feelings. i think we should take a break. maybe date other people for a while.

tanja m said...

So does that mean it's cool for me to date Rob now? You know come the end of summer I'm going to come back crying... you'll still take me back right? It will be just like last year!