Thursday, May 8, 2008

accents and ignorance

just got back from DALLAS TEXAS. notice i used all cap to show how big things are in texas. i didnt get to see much, but it was still pretty fun. i was feeling really inspired so i made this "twangy" little edit while i was waiting for my flights.

irma thomas - give you all my love (prince of ballard rough edit)

a couple pics

this guy pulled up next to me at a stop light and when his car stopped...his wheels kept spinning!! crazy! originally, i thought i was going to get murdered, but they ended up loving the sight of a white boy in a deville late at night downtown. i think i have street cred in dallas now. WHAT BITCH!?


The Summer Adventure Club Seattle said...

Im moved here from (Deep Ellum) Dallas. You have a hood pass if you made it downtown that late.

Prince of Ballard said...

yeah. i got followed for a while. i know they were following me because i was lost as fuck driving in circles down back streets. i was mentally prepared to give up the caddy and be the nicest car "jackee" ever since it was a rental and i bought the full coverage insurance. "no problem fellas, can i just grab my cds?"

summer adventure club seattle huh?? i wonder what your crew has on the "city boy adventure team?" do you guys/gals like to ROCK!?