Wednesday, May 28, 2008


background story: a friend of a friend starting dating this d-bag named thomas. we didnt like him. we would start or end most of our email conversations with a thomas comment. she just send me a complete list of them and these are some highlights.

disclaimer: i have nothing against actual gay girl is gay.

Hey Thomas, were you just humming the theme song to 7th Heaven?

Hey Thomas, sweet Bluetooth.

Hey Thomas, you had a sweet 16 didn’t you?

Hey Thomas, did you bedazzle your bedazzler?

Hey Thomas, are you going to binge and purge this holiday season to keep your girlish figure?

Hey Thomas, is it a secret passion of yours to be a hairdresser for celebrities?

Hey Thomas, you knew all along that Lance Bass was gay didn't you?

Hey Thomas, nice mini cooper.

Hey Thomas, stop trying to hide it, your dad already knows.

Hey Thomas, you probably diet every spring huh?

Hey Thomas, being on the real world is not a career goal.

Hey Thomas, you dance in front of the mirror don't you!?

Hey Thomas, you wear 7 jeans huh?

Hey Thomas, you were Dorothy from wizard of oz for Halloween huh?

Hey Thomas, you were Dorothy just so you had an excuse to buy red
sequin shoes huh?

Hey Thomas, my girlfriend wants to borrow your newlyweds season 1 dvds.

Hey Thomas, why do you have the J.Lo/Mark Anthony duet from last years grammy awards on tivo?

Hey Thomas, why is your email address

Hey Thomas, when you were a kid, you wanted to be a figure skater when you grew up huh?

Hey Thomas, you are pretty fucking gay.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know she was gay!