Monday, May 19, 2008

the weeks end

sweet. more condos

thats the look of love right there

i decided to go for the goat instead. look at the way she is seducing me with her eyes.

with all the new condos come new condo dwellers. i like to simply call them yuppies. they are usually idiot and have more money than brains. case in point. this father son team that had a little problem launching their brand new boat.

sorry high life. i feel like i betrayed you


juanita bay is already jumpin off. is seeing topless girls worth listening to blaring techno?

big up to the norwegian independence day. ballard knows how to celebrate.


Loosy said...

Chosen over a goat..sigh...I just can't compete.

Prince of Ballard said...

dont front gurl. you know you had a thing for the goat too.

boat shoes said...

nice rims!