Thursday, June 5, 2008


it isnt looking good for the badu/root show tonight. i love you guys, but sitting in a muddy field in the rain on the EASTSIDE doesnt sound like much fun. total bummer. not only was i really looking forward to this show, but i basiclly just threw away $100. i dont want to think about it. instead, i am going to think about some of the GOOD times ive had. i have been going through old videos this rainy week and found some gems. here is one.....

driving high(way) 1 south of san fran in my darling (RIP).

again...heres the diddy...

the dining rooms - you (quantic soul orchestra version)

i was obviously on a UK jazz hop kick back then

bonobo - terrapin (mr scruff remix)

bonobo - terrapin

bonobo - scuba (amon tobin remix)

quantic - time is the enemy


Loosy said...

Missed ya last night.

Prince of Ballard said...

i feel like such a slacker but just wasnt feeling the winter conditions. to make things even worse, i was at bimbos/cha cha and forgot that i could have walked a half block to neumos for the after show. missed that too. darn!