Friday, June 13, 2008

bbq bangers

so the weather looks like its going to be pretty nice this weekend...lets just pretend its going to stay that way. and assuming i will be at various social functions in the coming months, i decided a good bbq/day on the boat/blanket in the park mix was needed.

heres the details:

1. no potty mouth, safe for work/old people/children and music snobs

2. this is my attempt at a non soul/ hip-hop mix...again for the old folks

3. starts out pretty nice and mellow, then works its way into a dance party (trick moms into groovin to some south rakkas crew), followed by a cool down session

4. it is obviously inspired by pilooski

5. most of these song have already been posted on this site

6. it rocks

download BBQ BANGERS

now go swimming!

oh, and one more thing...bookmark this site and check it regularly.


Anonymous said...

You're the chef...