Thursday, June 19, 2008

culture shock

from the catwalk to the dogg pound, last night was an interesting mix.

first i went to see my hot shot designer friends fashion show at the W hotel... cheeseball central, but lots of "entertaining" women.

my new receptionists daughter was in the show.....she is HOT

we met some "students" from portland that really wanted to kick it. they also let us borrow their really sweet sunglasses

next stop, showbox sodo for an entertaining snoop dogg show


i got my media pass again

warren g and the whole dogg pound were in the house too. this show was too funny.

this girl and her mom were AWESOME! moms was trying to kick it, and little angel just turned 21. they were goofy and just trying to have a good time....why cant more people be like that?

one heck of a good night! and no hangover today???? incredible!