Wednesday, June 11, 2008

guilty pleasures

guilty pleasures. the "dont fight it, you know you like it" edition.

i have been trying my best to keep this guy out of my head, but he has creeped in and now i have to roll my windows up at every stoplight because this shit is blaring out of my stereo. i am going to blame it partly on my new obsession with the beach boys (you will see the reseblance), and partly on this great remix by the midnight juggernauts.

sebastien tellier - divine (midnight juggernauts remix)

sebastien tellier - divine

sebastien tellier - divine (danger remix)

he obviously like these guys. this one screams "street cred" and had been on heavy rotation lately.

the beach boys - in my room


frenky said...

danger remix is my favourite one. Tomorrow I'll be playing your wicked spanrock remix on a party, should smash the place ;-)

Prince of Ballard said...

cheers frenky! more to come.

frenky said...

your spanrock remix came, saw and conquered...rocked the's a real banger !