Wednesday, June 25, 2008

a quick couple

got a couple scorchers here. first off is thee emergency from right here in seattle. they have a sound that i just dont seem to hear enought...some dirty southern rock riffs fronted by a voice full of soul. would i scare you off if i mentioned joe cocker? do other people love cocker as much as me? just listen......

the emergency - cream

next up is some tia maia that i got from art decade. i am constantly blown away by the quality stuff those guys post. check them out.

this particular track is a standout though. how has this not been sampled? it sounds like it was made just for hip hop.

tia maia - e necessario

thee emergency are playing the comet on the 6th, and later next month at the capitol hill block party. i wonder what show is going to be better? seattles favorite little skuzzy rock venue, or the chaotic shit show that is the blcok party?