Monday, June 23, 2008

sun soaked

lets start with some cheesy house music. as bad as the genre is, these are a few tracks done very well, so give them a chance.

bran van 3000 feat. curtis mayfield - astounded

mateo & matos - yesterday for today (riding high)

that last track sampled the same frankie valli song as this edit.

the whitest boy alive - golden cage (fred falke remix)

that is a completely different sound for the white boy. here is some of his "normal" stuff

the whitest boy alive - above you

the whitest boy alive - fireworks

weekend pics

mmmmmmm. exquisite!

speaking of exquisite...its going to be tough having my sister-in-law be this hot.

this will be "the summer of sangria"

i am pretty disappointed in my pictures from the fremont solstice parade (a.k.a. naked people on bikes). i am sure there are some great ones floating around the www though. there was definitely lots to look at!


Jeremy Wheat said...

here are some Freemont Solstice Images

Prince of Ballard said...

ahh yes! much better.

Theresa Maduzia said...

Again! Again this weekend! Saturday!

Prince of Ballard said...

yes theresa, again. we can do it all over again.

Jim Branigan said...

Summer of Sangria. I'm on board for that.

Can September start the Fall of Jaegar Bombs?