Tuesday, July 1, 2008

ahh the heck with it

i have been trying to tweek the obnoxious bass on this song for over a month now and i realized i will probably never get it how i want it. maybe it has somthing to do with my top of the line studio set-up worth a wopping $70? so anyways, here you go. it sounds great on decent stereos, but on crappy ones it literally sounds like a fart. for my more sensitive readers, assume when you see that name spankrock its going to be offensive. for those of you who arent easily offended, i think you might agree that this is the best chorus ever made by man. sing along, you know you like it....

spankrock - coke & wet (prince of ballard remix)

the sample source

chantal goya - tu m'as trop menti

who doesnt love 60's french pop?!