Thursday, July 3, 2008

happy 4th

have fun. be safe. be happy. listen to these soul covers....

dee dee warwick - suspicious minds

ike and tina turner - come together

ella fitzgerald - sunshine of your love

lee moses - hey joe

bonus track: not a cover but sho nuff funky

lee moses - time and a place


Jim Branigan said...

Happy 4th. and nice photo credit on

You are basically like royalty or something in that neighborhood.

The Prince of Ballard said...

you are a kind man jim. kind, gentle, caring, and soft like velvet. if i was a chick, i would totally do you.

i dont think anyone has made any royal claims for the phinney hood yet. you better jump on that.

JB said...

ahh, nice thinking!

How about Lord of the Ridge?

Sounds regal but familiar.

Alex Cuadrado said...

hey prince of ballard!

i'm alex of cof cof.

i really love your mash-up. good work, it's so coooool!

i have played it at my dj sets.

cheers from spain!