Wednesday, July 9, 2008


a quick thanks to alex who is 1/2 of the promising group cof cof. i wasnt sure how he would feel about the mess i made of his summer tune but he actually approved. so thank you alex, and p.s. how can i meet the other half of your group?

cof cof - caribbean boy

my potty-mouth miami bass version here


cof cof said...

hey! this is analogica, the other half of cof cof...Nice to meet you! I gotta tell you I love your "potty-mouth miami bass version"...we really like's so fun!
kisses!and thanks!!!

The Prince of Ballard said...

oh ana....where do i begin? let me start out by saying i love you and i want you to be the mother of my first 3 children. i have no problem moving to spain if thats an issue for you, and you are more than welcome to stay with me during your american tour. but until then, please keep making such wonderful music, and i will keep dreaming about the family band we will have someday with our musiclly gifted children.


the prince of ballard

Ana Analogica said...

I hadn't read this!!!!