Tuesday, July 29, 2008

poppin bottles

rundown of the weekend:

-i miss vancouver. it was good to see you again. lets not wait so long next time.
-10 hour drive from whistler to seattle yesterday? no bueno.
-pemberton music festival was decent. made me appreciate the gorge.


the prince needed a break, so neither the nightlife of vancouver nor the party of pemberton will make this list.

-driving throught the b.c. moutains with a handful of great cd's
-the smell of the old cabin when i first walked through the door
-finding out the cabin was fully stocked with old vinyl! nilsson schmilsson, fleetwood mac, toto, supertramp, and lots of other cabin appropriate cuts
-our efforts to create new jokes from scratch (and only pig themed jokes). that shits hard son!
-a rule during the long drive that nothing could be said or asked unless you sang it
-this photo shoot with clothes we found in the closet
-being gone long enough to miss home


Jim Branigan said...

Welcome back, Dork.

Glad to see the dust and chaos of the inaugural fest didn't get to you too much.

Speaking of Fleetwood Mac, I just read that they are re-uniting. Probably going to be sub-par, but I've always wanted to see them live.

The Prince of Ballard said...

i like to remember them as greats...not as sub-par. i think i am going to stick to the vinyl era albums and this video that i watch every night before i go to bed


Jim Branigan said...

That's the reason why I won't go see Bob Dylan nowadays, but I'd make an exception for Fleetwood Mac and probably Led Zeppelin, too (with their new drummer).

Great video. I always figured Stevie was too busy doing other things in her dressing room before shows.

The Prince of Ballard said...


Jim Branigan said...

I asked for NKOTB tickets for my 12th birthday. That was back in the time when people would have to line up outside TicketMaster booths for a lottery. My mom, who waited on line for me, commented to me when she got home: "Jim- everyone else on line was a girl. Are you sure you have the right band?"

1990- Weird year for me.

tanja m said...

I feel you Jim; 1990 was a weird year for me too. I resembled the Atreyu from the Never Ending Story. POB - who the sluts?

The Prince of Ballard said...

ouch tanja! i was expecting a comment on that picture but i didnt expect anything that harsh. dont worry my love, we are just friends. "if it aint broke, dont fix it...and if it aint fixable, leave it the fuck alone." that shit is beyond repair. ya heard?

jim - i saw NKOTB at the puyallup fair....but not by choice. i respect your honesty. you are a dork. holla!

tanja m said...

Lover, I know that! Those 'ladies' look like they pack coach purses and platform flip flops -- I know you don't play that!

The Prince of Ballard said...

ah! i sense jealousy! this means you are exploring you deep feelings for me and that we are taking our relationship to the next level. my sunny friday just got even better! thanks love