Tuesday, August 12, 2008

feelin' all sexy

sexy symbol. dance floor. multiple nipple sightings. Poraj-Kuczewski wedding. 2007.

marvin gaye - sexual healing (prince of ballard remix feat. the hot 8 brass band)

ahhhhhhhhh shit!

related: another song with the same idea is here


supernacho said...

I'm a real fan of what your doing but this time I have to say NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

The Hot 8 version is just perfect like that.

With much respect from a french guy
who is waiting each one of your post,

Jim Branigan said...

What's up, slugger

Just catching up on your site. Great posts and changes as of late. Like the photo descriptions and think the new name is perfect.

Glad to see you allowed an Indie band up in here.

Jo/No said...

Really enjoyed this! Havn't heard the Hot 8 cover before. Also really enjoyed your older remixes, have frequently returned to you 99 problems for instance!

Check out my blog and I would be honoured: www.jonosaudio.blogspot.com

The Prince of Ballard said...

ahh yes supernacho, i respect your opinion, in fact, i somewhat agree with you....note my irritation with messing with perfection:


but on the other hand, i have a stradegy to making people listen to better music, and this is a tool for that. i bet you 90% of women would never listen to the hot 8 brass band no matter what song they cover. but throw marvin on top of it and they give it a chance. or throw jay-z over an great soul song and they are opening their minds to a music genre they would usually ignore. do ya dig? i use to play nothing but rare funk and people would always tell me to "turn that shit off." i am basiclly tricking people. it seems to work. also, thanks for actually speaking your mind. people dont do that enough these days. much thanks!

jim, i have a question for you................do you like to rock!?

The Prince of Ballard said...

love the blog already jo/no. anyone that appreciates martin's funeral is ok with me.


that song is powerful. i always wonder why i dont hear it more often.

Christine said...


Sarah Johnsen, HOT. Cassie Greenlee, HOT.

Matt? Hottest.

The Prince of Ballard said...

how did my brother luck out with getting all of the good looks?.....aaaaand all of the girls?

Anonymous said...

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