Monday, August 25, 2008

the song everyone is talking about

so the BIGGEST names is the rap game all get together on one song which also happens to sample MIA....the results are going to blow your mind right???!!!.....nope.

t.i. feat. kanyeezy, little weezy, and jigga main young hov - swagger like us

why isnt rick rhaus, a.k.a. rick rause on here? and kanye/wayne, whats with the t-pain bullshit? this song blows.

back when i was a kid we had a supergroup of our own. they went by BBD and they made phucing bangers son!

bel biv devoe - poison

weekend pics. gotta love mt. rainier in the background on this first one. my city is freekin' beautiful!


Theresa Maduzia said...

Nice. I think you might need to get a big boy life jacket for Matt though.

The Prince of Ballard said...

he swore he was going to turn his life around come monday and loose some weight. not sure how its going so far but i believe in him. go get em tiger! show those calories whos boss!

Anonymous said...

Im down nine ounces already, one pound here I come!

On a side note that jacket fit KJ perfectly.

Fifteen said...

I effing HATE that vocoder ish!

I'm sensing you have a thing for beer.

The Prince of Ballard said...

beer is pretty great. especially high life. especially in the sunshine.