Thursday, August 21, 2008

what ever happened to praz?

last night i got to hang with this young lady who is lucky enough to play the democratic national convention party next week with dj am. and although most people are going to be more stoked on that hollywood trash magazine star, i gave her a little piece of ammo to impress the ONLY important person in the building. when she drops "ready or not" i am hoping our future prez will throw his hands in the air and the whole place goes apeshit!

here is the original delphonics version

delphonics - ready or not

and in other news outside of ballard, a co-worker of mine who has has recently moved to china just sent me a few pic from the festivities. enjoy


Jim Branigan said...

Keep doing what you're doing POB- this is a great destination on the ole' web.

The Prince of Ballard said...

jimbo, again, you are far too kind. the taxi cab story seriously almost made me piss my pleated dockers. sad but hilarious!