Thursday, September 18, 2008

500 shades of the blues

seis de mayo

gill scott heron - the bottle......fifteen beat me to this post, so go here and get a fly remix of this song

gill scott heron - angel dust

gill scott heron - h20 gate blues

gill scott heron - home is where the hatred is....this version isnt nearly as good as the esther philips one

esther philips - home is where the hatred is


Fifteen said...

Endless repeats of the bottle. I'm also in "gotta throw a party mode" and want ppl to take a break from lil wayne and v(ocoder)-pain for some of this. probably the remix.

Thanks for the shout-out/traffic!

(p.s. double check the spelling of the name, unless I've been spelling it wrong this whole time)

The Prince of Ballard said...

absolutely fifteen. cheers.

(i changed the spelling by the way. thanks for pointing that out)