Friday, September 19, 2008


mt. rainier epicness. that valley was not fun getting out of.

woke up this morning to a chilly room. its almost time to start thinking about the mountain again. if i can complain a little bit, this summer althought better than last was still pretty weak. however, after last years non-summer we had one of the most incredible winters, so maybe i will be all smiles buried in powder again!

on to the music.......

i found this cd yesterday labeled "fireplace funk vol. 2" circa 2002. kinda fun to take a trip back in time.

the isley brothers - between the sheets

bobby womack - wake up everybody (rae & christian remix)

citizen cope - contact....this poor guy got played out almost as bad as gnarles barkley

these next 2 are what my lady liked at the time. i guess its better than dave mathews.

massive attack - teardrop

moby - whispering wind

enjoy the weekend kids!


Jim Branigan said...

You look bad ass in that photo.

what do you mean this summer was weak? i think you mean weather-wise, right? For me, it was top notch in terms of Summer fun.

top notch.

The Prince of Ballard said...

the weather was pretty bad. we really only had about a month and a half of good sun. i like to be sick of swimming and have my skin feel like an old leather boot by the end of september. i should be excited by the thought of sweaters and sleep by oct.1 but right now i could still use another month. maybe thats just me.

Brooke said...

That is a crazy awesome pic. It looks animated. I had to ask Kuba if you photo shopped it and it turns out you're the real deal. A genuine dare devil.

The Prince of Ballard said...


there were some "eye tricks" involved in this photo. that isnt a 150 ft cliff i just was about a 5 ft rock at the very top of a shale hillside. so basiclly i am not as cool as i look. it still wasnt fun getting out of there though. kuba can take the credit for thinking it was a good idea to drop in to that valley.