Tuesday, September 23, 2008

girls like a guy with a big image sensor

things are going to get really boring around here with no music. would people sit around in a circle on a cold night without a bondfire? nope.

to bore you, i am going to share my latest shopping list.

with my old camera on the shits, and growing frustration with the "noisiness" of my low light pictures (do you like how i threw that term out there like i know what i am talking about?), i have taken a new camera off of the "wish list" and onto the "NEED" list. some of these beauties will not make the list though. i.e. sigma or leica pushing $1000! the more i pay for things the more likely i am to break or loose them.

and on a realted note.......i have added a second person to my list of favorite local photographers.

kyle jonhson has been doing big things around here lately. love the balance of subject matter and quality. plus...he goes by k.j.

jordan loves kats is one talented little killer. although his subjects can be boring at times (his uncomfortable teenage friends) he more that makes up for it with picture quality. i think dude could take a picture of a pile of horse shit and make it look good. check out some of his better stuff here on the winners circle blog where you can find his stuff from the rock the bells tour (highly recommended).

bored yet? anyone want to do a guest post? email me. this is your big chance!


Fifteen said...


I know nothing about cameras, so this appeals to me...a bit. Ijust have a rebel xt aka babygirl's first training wheels with spinners.