Friday, September 26, 2008

its friday

this picture is so much more funny upside down

even though it is going to be sunny this weekend, i think its time to say good bye to you summer....its been fun. winter....hurry up and get here, i am not a big fan of this in between bullshit.

have a good weekend kids.


Fifteen said...

i almost just posted about how clearly NOT summer it is on the East Coast. Im in CT and it's just been rain and clouds for the past couple of days and the weekend is scheduled to suck as well. You are lucky, embrace that good weather. Originally I was gonna go take some shots of a fair going on nearby but with this crappy weather now I gotta find creative alternatives before my class next week.

and yes it is cooler upside down.

supernacho said...

Hey sir,
have checked the "Bang bang" versions I sended you on the Terry Reid's post?


Ps:you're right the in between times suck!!!

The Prince of Ballard said...


man, that was a real treat. i really appreciate that! it was cool to have the album covers with it too. thank you thank you. i think i might have to post those.