Friday, September 12, 2008

its sunny. its friday. i slept 10 hours last night. i feel incredible.


for more laughs, check out these pics from our bike trip wednesday night.

now on to the music!!

desmond deker - 007

the emotions - i like it

jerry butler - mechanical man (looped out edit).... i made this for dj-ing so the the outro goes on forever. kind of annoying. sorry.

gary numan - m.e.


supernacho said...

Hi Prince,

I always loved this Jerry Butler song
with the Meth "Bring the pain" sample!!!
The loop is so cool and apparently
you really like Spank Rock, it feet nicely!!!

Nice one, I'm gonna play it tonite!

Thanks sear.

supernacho said...

Sorry me again!!!

Ps:the original of Basement Jaxx "Where you're head at" is really cool to.

Thanks again.