Monday, September 15, 2008

jazz n thangs

caravan - nigel blows a tune

herbie hancock - cantaloupe island

mcdonald & giles - tomorrows people

dusty springfield - summer love

jefferson airplane - today


Fifteen said...

Yes! I love Dusty!

Also, man you just reminded me of some old photos i found. Mark Ecko did this thing a few years ago in NYC where he had all these old graffiti writers do an outdoor project on "replica trains." I use quotations because they weren't really trains just transportable walls painted to look like the outsides of train cars.

so glad you posted this.

The Prince of Ballard said...

cheers fifteen. you actually just beat me to my gill scott heron post. i think i am still going to do it. although "the bottle" is my favorite, i got a couple other gems to post. word!

Fifteen said...

dooo it! you know i'm gonna rip that shit. haha. I would love some more of his stuff though. But that bloodfire remix is dope, right?

I keep running into the same problem with blogs i like. i guess we're all thinking the same thing around the same time. that or blogging is just unoriginal. :-/
But do your post, it's love not competition AT ALL. I can't compete.