Wednesday, September 17, 2008

more jockin'

sundial bridge. redding california.

let me make another list like this one

-satiago calatrava is a rock star
-i was WAY TOO EXCITED to see this bridge in person (geekery)
-he has the most original and insane style i have ever seen
-he has turned the laws of engineering into art (the dramatic counterbalance/catilever arm allows this bridge to have no support structures in the water)
-it is impossible to pick a few other great examples of his work because they are all so incredible. check them out here


Anonymous said...

Im studying to be a civil engineer. Our teacher showed of some photos of Calatravas work. The Lyon airport is sick!

The Prince of Ballard said...

lyon airport. i cant remember if that was the "wings of a bird" or the "eyelid" inspired building. i have a book of his watercolor "sketches" that the buildings are based on. either way that building is ILL!