Thursday, September 4, 2008

rich girls

lost in san fracisco. stumbled upon this building.

to be honest, i havent really been feeling much music these days. kinda tired of the old stuff and havent really been finding any great new stuff. this virgins remix is an exception.

the virgins - rich girl (beatards remix)....via

the virgins - rich girl


Anonymous said...

That is the museum of modern history, they have Annie Lebevitz there right now I was there three monhts ago. Let me know if you need any additional information I know a lot.

frankie says relax said...

hi prince,

for inspiration, some tracks :
Midnight Martyn - Oh Right
Wolfmother- Woman (Mstrkrft Remix)
Pase Rock - new money

just put m in google + mp3 to get the links ;-)
your dutch pal !


Fifteen said...

my thoughts exactly on the boring ass music tip. At most I can bump a few tribe tracks, but in general meh. leaving all that stuff to jason.



Fifteen said...
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