Friday, September 5, 2008


lets talk some more about underrated old white dudes. this time being poor terry reid. apparently he was suppose to be the lead singer of led zepplin. ouch. that would have been a good look.

it takes some balls to cover this song

nancy sinatra - bang bang

but he killed it in his own way

terry reid - bang bang

i freekin love this next song

terry reid - dean

another great cover

terry reid - season of the witch

in other news: i went here last night and was pretty impressed. corny neighborhood, but sweet patio. do you know what hood is way better than belltown? ballard. but even a place as great as ballard has its problems. a co-worker of mine found a dead body yesterday in the middle of the afternoon. thats NOT a good look.

have a good weekend!!!!

update: supernacho, i think you are right, bang bang was a song written by sunny bone-a-ho, but in my mind, the nancy sinatra version is far superior.

cher - bang bang


supernacho said...

Terry Reid ROCKS MAN!!!

but, isn't it Sonny and Cher the real
I thought that you were the kind of man that would notice that sort of details, no?

You rocks too!!!

Jim Branigan said...

that body was not re: the link below, was it?

The Prince of Ballard said...

nope. this was a block down the street from my work. the guy was laying next to my co-workers truck with a smashed skull. im thinking it was a bum fight like the one a couple months ago.

supernacho said...

Hey man,

you're deffinitly right, there is no doubt!!!

Do you also know the Dalida version?
it's in italian and i think it as been slampled but i don't remember.

anyway I have it on 7" i'm gonna rip it and send you a link.

with much respect.

supernacho said...

Here is the link for few more Bang bang versions (italian, french and tcheco with the 7" covers)

There is no special musical interest, but it's funny?!