Tuesday, October 28, 2008


wale - strings

dj babu feat. mf doom & sean price - the unexpected

bless 1 - ab freestyle

junk science - do it easy


thinman.in.philly said...

The first and only bald eagle I ever saw was on top of that totem pole!

Oh, and thanks for the head-nodding tunes.

The Prince of Ballard said...

are we thinking of the same totem pole? the one in bum park right in front of pike place market?? right above highway 99??? if so that is freekin incredible!!! a bald eagle in the middle of dowtown? i would have pissed my pleated dockers!

thinman.in.philly said...

I'm wrong then- it wasn't downtown. It looked exactly like that but was closer to the big park (Discovery Park?). Who knew there was more than one totem pole in Seattle?