Thursday, October 30, 2008

sample sourced seattle edition

common market - push

lamont dozier - shine

jake on feat. m.o.p. - gagsta boy

final decision - the pusher

realted material:

common market - gol'dust

lamont dozier - fish aint bitin

jake one feat. d black - god like

the prophet & his desciples - the pusher


Yann said...

Huge thanks from France for all the materials you posted, I just went through all the archives & i love all your sound.

Encore merci & i'll be back !

The Prince of Ballard said...

cheers yann! glad you like it.

ballard is big in france.

Fifteen said...

i like this photo.

theodorebecker said...

Okay this is a comment on the whole blog, cause I just found it. Dope, dope, dope, dope.
That rza remix is dope---then it fades away----do you want me to call RZA for you and tell him to become a better rapper?

anyway, ill. Thanks.

Dj Sunshine

The Prince of Ballard said...

ha! yeah, the flows were pretty bad on that song. dont get me wrong, i am a huge rza fan, but he fell short there.

thanks for the words. how do people find this blog anyways?? i have always wondered that.