Wednesday, October 1, 2008

stuntin' like the boz

thanks for the pic sheila...GO HAWKS!

ahhh yes. music is back online. not sure what happened with the 97GB of downloads last month but i hope it doesnt happen again. i dont have anything new or groundbreaking here today, just the stuff i have been listening to these past few sunny days. enjoy....

wax tailor - positively inclined

galt macdermot - and he will not come again....via....this is the sample source for wax tailors "que sera" which all of you kids should have already. i REALLY wish this was longer than 43 seconds.

wax tailor - que sera....just in case you dont

pamoja - ooh baby

the heart attack - right now....this was a cee-lo project that started up around the same time as gnarles barkley. bad timing.

cymande - brothers on the side....classic material

the sylvers - only one can win....dilla!

foster sylvers - misdemeanor


Russell said...

Sweet the Pamoja, especially.

Rember Shyne? Remember when he flipped Misdemeanor? LOL


I like this use of misdemeanor...(wait for it, it's there).

durrty goods

also love the boz

The Prince of Ballard said...

poor shyne. diddy threw him under the bus for the gun charges and poof! more shyne.

thanks alot for those tracks.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that Pamoja song. Although that's the only Pamoja song I have. er. Had. My computer crashed. no more music or photos for a while on my end :(


The Prince of Ballard said...

bummer 15! that reminds me, i should transfer my newer files to my external hard drive. good luck with things. i would be BROKEN if i lost all of my pictures and music.