Monday, December 1, 2008


its official. we are old. people are getting pregnant on purpose now instead of on accident. ahhhh life! its a beautiful thing! congrats to my good friend kuba and his new baby mama! i am so excited to become the (self appointed) godfather of their future (w)nba star!

the professionals - godfather theme

santo & johnny - godfather theme

guns & roses - godfather theme (live in paris 1992. ooowwwweeee!!!!)


Loosy said...

LOL. You are too much.

Thanks for the love.

You can totally use our child to pick up women at GL. I'd never turn free babysitting down.

Jim Branigan said...

Can you feel the blog love? I can!

The Prince of Ballard said...

i feel it jim....i feel it. and to be honest with you jim....i love love. i mean....doesnt it make you feel GOOD!? can we hug the next time we see eachother? is there going to be some type of drinking related celebration for this? can we have a mans version baby shower? no presents, just rounds of beer?? you should get on that. send me the evite. and hey jim...........good talk.