Thursday, December 11, 2008


when i was 22 i had the great privilege of living in the dirty south for a summer (huntsville alabama to be specific). this was the same summer that scarface's "the fix" came out, so when i was ridin (driving) around in by big box chevy caprice on 26's (volvo w/ hubcaps & a "visualize ballard" bumper sticker), i leaned to the side with this constantly be on blast. judging by some of the looks i got i swear these people had never seen a white dude in real life. this was another "glad i didnt get murdered" type of trip. ahhh the memories!

scarface - on my block

scarface - guess whos back feat. jay-z produced by kanye (heat!)

scarface - in cold blood

the samples:

roberta flack & donny hathaway - be real black for me

the originals - sunrise

gladys knight - and this is love