Thursday, December 18, 2008


speaking of etta james, did you kids know she was on the smack and living on the streets for a while??? its true. and although thats no way to live, she sure used that heart ache to produce so great music. you can hear the realness.

etta james - all the way down

etta james - out on the streets again....sound almost exactly like "all the way down"

this one is from her better days of living:

etta james & sugar pie desanto - in the basement

etta james & sugar pie desanto - in the basement (theo parrish edit)....i was hoping for a much better edit of this song.

also, i had to start taking down old files so i hope you all have dug through the archives.


Fifteen said...

Speaking of Mos Def and Etta James...So my boyfriend and I were watching the trailers from Cadillac Records the other day. Have you seen them? I dig the whole concept, and I admit I don't know too much about Etta's personal life, but I wasn't convinced by Beyonce's covers. They still felt really....Beyonce, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, I guess, but Idk i kept wishing it sounded more like Etta. What do you think?

The Prince of Ballard said...

etta, nina, and billie all had such unique voices that it would be inpossible to find someone to duplicate. i think beyonce was the best choice for the role. great voice and decent acting. but as talented as she is, i cant stand her, so i will be skipping this movie. but thats just me.

Fifteen said...

yeah i feel you. im not a huge fan either. I guess what i meant is her voice sounded too melismatic (?) which is signature B in my head. That movie's like a posse track, so many celebrities in that.