Friday, January 23, 2009

friday hype

i am seeing a new music genre coming out of seattle. cocaine crunk party raps. first we had the saturday knights, then champagne champagne, and now mad rad. i couldnt imagine leaveing one of these shows without being covered in beer.

mad rad - superdope....beat is crazy!

mad rad - electric sheep

i cant say i am too excited about the outcome of this nasa album, but maybe it will grow on me. you better download these quick. the blogger police are sure to take this post down. my 4th post was deleted last week. haters.

nasa feat. ghostface, scarface, & the cool kids - the mayor

nasa feat. the rza, john frusciante & barbie hatch - way down


Anonymous said...

Too bad MAD RAD cannot play anywhere in Seattle anymore.

The Prince of Ballard said...

its sad but true, but keep up to date with these guys who are promising a show soon.