Thursday, January 22, 2009


i have had multiple people ask me how to download songs so i figured i should clear this up.

left click the "artist - song" above the mini player. it should give you a pop-up box with the "open" or "save" option. hit "save."

if you are on a mac it should just download immediately after clicking.

got it???

also, if you are going back into the archives, the older players have a "divshare" logo on them. click that and you will be re-directed to a page with the download link. if you are on onlder post, the divshare link doesnt work or isnt there, and the "song - title" isnt a clickable link, then it has probably been deleted. i try and delete as few of links as possible, but i have run out of storage space so for every new song posted, 1 old one must come down.

got it???



tanja m said...

What a bunch of tards!

Anonymous said...

Cant u zip all ur songs up in a big pack and release it as a mixtape or something?


that mixtape might happen

Anonymous said...

A marketing tip:

Contact a software developer that will force people to have to share it (via facebook or twitter) if they want to download it.

Wish you the best of luck with your musical success!

La P.R.O. said...
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ziigloop said...

I just discovered you through Radio Nova who was broadcasting your Rick Ross hustlin remix and I like what you do! I found a couple of your songs on, you might look into that platform, it's not a mixtape but it's a great way to have all your songs together in one page. It would be better than your homepage because ppl can actually create playlists and stuff. Keep up the good music man!

Anonymous said...

I discovered your bootleg from The charmels vs Reakwon and the CREAM on Radio Nova... Wooowwww What a fantastic Edit !
Thank you Man! Full Support!
If i can have a link the extented version of the one... it could be marvelous...


Rick B